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Translation Services

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Integrating Language, Systems, and Culture. Nine years of experience means has developed strong relationships with top translators across the globe. It's our commitment to a stringent review process, plus our use of knowledgeable domain experts and translation software tools that lets us deliver superior translations. Read more...

Website Localization

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Communicating Around the World. While the Web provides global reach, it also demands an increase in the speed in which you operate. can help you accelerate your global success by getting your multilingual website launched in a timely and cost-efficient manner. Read more...

Software Localization

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Technical Skill + Linguistic Expertise = Successful Localization. Localization lets you customize your software for a specific locale.'s commitment to quality means we test everything - from the user interface to online help systems to all documentation and collateral. The result is software that performs flawlessly in every market, every time. Read more...

Communication Services

Eenvionment care

Raising Awareness, Achieving Results. When you understand your business partners’ country and customs, communication is smoother, negotiations are easier and relationships are stronger. Let expand your knowledge. Then, watch your business interactions thrive. Read more...


Quality Control Policy

The pursuance of quality in every procedure which contributes to a project is an integrated part of the relationship for both clients and translators.

Quality is the responsibility of every team member involved in at any given stage of the project.
Supplying high quality translations to a satisfied customer base is one of the finest achievements.

We aim to ensure that  from the initial contact with client and translators,

  • the relationship,
  • research processes,
  • checking and editing processes,
  • internal communications and
  • product range

follow a standard, verifiable procedure that remains consistent within the company.

Quality assurance is maintained through:

  • Effective translation memory management and storage
  • Consistent in-house project team involving the Business Development Manager, Project Manager and the use of the same in-house and external resources for testing and translation for any  ongoing projects
  • Effective glossary, terminology and reference guide creation
  • Post project review reports and meetings with recommendations for improvements between all project and sales staff involved
  • Definition of quality requirements at project start, agreed in project plan which is submitted to the client for approval before project commencement

What our client say

Your work makes all the difference in the success of our products!

The Microsoft Assessment and Planning (MAP) Toolkit Team

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