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Translation Services

Best Practices

Many companies will say they are committed to providing quality translation but at, it's not just something we say, it's what we do.

1. Only work with expert translators we trust.

Being in business for over 20 years means we have strong, on-going relationships with a dedicated pool of professional translators.

2. Use only translators who are native speakers of the target language.

Using translators who live in the target market means they have easy access to your local industry publications and organizations.

3. Hire translators who are subject matter experts.

Writing styles, tone and language usage vary across industries. We firmly believe it's important to hire a translator who not only knows the language but knows the specific industry.

4. Train the translators on your product.

By taking the time to educate our translators about your product, they are given the knowledge they need to excel.

5. Never skip the editing stage.

Our translators are top-notch. They are also human, and humans occasionally make mistakes. That is why we always have independent editors review the translations.

6. Provide dedicated, proactive project managers.

By staying focused on your release schedule and your budget, our project managers facilitate the translation process to meet your business goals.

7. Utilize translation memories.

This saves time and money, ensures linguistic consistency and lowers translation costs of future projects.

8. Employ Global Content Management Systems

Make sure your translation provider utilizes technologies like global content management systems.