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Web Localization

Methodology provides a unique combination of services enabling our customers to accelerate their global releases, while achieving superior quality and reducing cost and risk.

Our methodology follows five main principles:

  • A holistic and comprehensive approach designed to meet our customers' business goals. It spans from a product's inception, through global planning and internationalization down to the localization and testing effort. It encompasses people, processes and technology. aims to contribute to the success of your business as a whole.
  • Adaptable and flexible - a methodology that is the accumulation of's experience and best practices. We start with a framework which can be easily adapted and customized to your business. It is technology-agnostic and applies to documents, software, web sites, content management systems and other containers alike.
  • Emphasizes quality, prevention, and risk control. We identify defects early in the product's life cycle. We build a sound product foundation and address issues at the root. Plus, our dedicated project management provides real-time visibility into risks. Combine all of this with our regular reviews and the result is a pro-active approach to controlling costs.
  • Accelerate your global releases. Our methodology is inherently incremental and iterative - allowing us to start on the localization and translation effort while core development is under way. This key feature eventually enables simultaneous shipments.
  • Leads to lower cost in the long term. The clear definition of business and technical requirements, of roles and processes, allows the team at large to work seamlessly towards a shared business goal. Corrective and preventive actions reduce error patterns and rework. Our high level of automation enables better re-use and leverage.