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Pay As You Go (PAYG) Translation

With PAYG translation you effectively bulk-buy translation ‘credit’ to use as and when you need, without the hassle of invoices and minimum charges. PAYG translation is a cost-effective option for dynamic contents such as news or a product catalogue.

When you buy PAYG translation, you benefit from significant discounts. Your credit can be used for any language, and does not expire.

PAYG is ideal for

  • Email Relay Translation
  • WT Monitor (Multilingual Content Management)
  • Ongoing requirements

How it works

For example, with WT Monitor, if you have a website in French, German and Japanese and publish a 250 word article to the website it will cost 750 words from your 10,000 word contract. Your balance is updated with each request. So it would be 9,250 after deducting 750 words (250 for each language).

Once your balance reaches 2,000 words we send you a polite reminder to top-up.

Contact us today to buy your PAYG translation.