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Multilingual Content Management

Good websites are updated regularly, but keeping your multilingual website in sync with the English version can be administrative, time consuming and expensive.

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Web Audit

Visitor confidence is critical for your business; this is especially true with international websites. Your web audit report provides you with recommendations and information that can be used to improve the international visitor experience on your website.

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Multilingual Website Design

The quality of your website design reflects the quality of your product or service. Poor quality website design can cost you substantially in lost opportunities, as visitor confidence is critical in developing the right customer relationship; this is especially relevant with website design.

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International Domain Names

For a truly localized feel, your website should use country specific domain names. For example, a .fr extension for France, and .de for Germany.

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Pay As You Go (PAYG) Translation

With PAYG translation you effectively bulk-buy translation ‘credit’ to use as and when you need, without the hassle of invoices and minimum charges. PAYG translation is a cost-effective option for dynamic contents such as news or a product catalogue.

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