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About Us

Multilingual Content Management

Good websites are updated regularly, but keeping your multilingual website in sync with the English version can be administrative, time consuming and expensive. can maintain the foreign language versions of your website, leaving you to concentrate on the English.

All changes made to your foreign-language website are proofread by native professional translators.  New pages on your site will be optimized and any code will be web-standards compliant.

We can work with various Content Management Systems - we are the UK’s only full service certified integrator for Nooku, the translation plug-in for Joomla.

Other CMS we can work with include: Joomla, Drupal, WordPress, Ektron, Mambo, Episerver, Oracle UCM, Open CMS and more.

How do I get started?

You may already have a workflow process for creating content. Here are some of the initial considerations:

  • What content will be localized, into which target languages and when?
  • Who will be authorized to edit and approve localized content?
  • Is there a schedule for publishing content?
  • What volume of content will need to be translated (in terms of the number of words)?

Once you have the answer to the above questions, our technical team can assist you with integrating your API (Application Program Interface) so that your server can automatically send translation requests to our server and receive the translations back correctly.

Translation Server API

Our Translation Server - can integrate with any multilingual content management system. Our technical team can assist you with setup, integration and testing.

You will need to buy pay-as-you-go translation credit to use this service.