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Multilingual Website Design

The quality of your website design reflects the quality of your product or service. Poor quality website design can cost you substantially in lost opportunities, as visitor confidence is critical in developing the right customer relationship; this is especially relevant with website design.

Good multilingual websites must have excellent design, build, optimization, content and localization and will give a high return on investment every time if these factors are in place.

The website design service we provide is achieved through a combination of an excellent service delivery on all the core components:


Design is critical to achieving the right look and feel. Navigation must be clear and intuitive. The brand must come across well and consistently on each page.  Good use of white-space is also important, but perhaps one of the most critical aspects is a good understanding of customer psychographics to make best use of color.

As part of the design phase in our service you will receive three concept designs from which you choose your preferred design to further develop.


The build of a site is very important and often overlooked. Your site must be written in clean, web-standards compliant code, ideally XHTML so that it is compatible with all browsers.


Authoring clear content is key to the creation of a good website. Websites are 'published content' and need to reflect the tone and image of your organization appropriately.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is the first step in giving your website an excellent presence. News pages, link building and pay-per-click are other useful tools to drive traffic to your website. Of course if your site is well created and localized, traffic will flow to enquire and purchase products or simply become aware of your products and services displayed on your main pages.


With complete confidence in the construction of your website, the content and images will be prepared for localization into your desired languages. The localization includes market specific optimization and promotion, for maximum exposure of your website.

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