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Strategic Approach to localization™

The SAL™ service begins by selecting key pages of your website to create a micro site. This micro site is then translated, localized and promoted in the search engines of target countries. Traffic to each website is measured independently.

After an initial three month test period, an evaluation will show you the number of visitors, a list of contacts that have registered interest, as well as any orders and enquiries generated by the website. This gives you intelligent market information which can be used to calculate your return on investment.

The SAL™ service involves:

  • Analysis of your current website
  • Preparation for localization
  • Providing you with a translated, localized and optimized website
  • Submissions to international search engines and link building to generate traffic
  • Visitor analysis and three month performance evaluation

SAL™ reduces the risks associated with entering new markets and increases your return on investment.

What is included in each SAL package? Click here for more information >