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Web Audit

Visitor confidence is critical for your business; this is especially true with international websites. Your web audit report provides you with recommendations and information that can be used to improve the international visitor experience on your website.

The quality of your website reflects the quality of your product or service.  Poor website design can cost you substantially in lost opportunities. Visitor confidence is critical for your customer relationship; this is especially true with international websites.

A good website will encompass good design, optimization, and be well written with up to date content.

Your web audit report provides you with recommendations and information that can be used to improve your website.


The first bite is with the eye. The image of your website will contribute to a visitor's first impression. There are several visual factors that must work correctly to make it look good for potential customers to browse and keep their interest. Visitors will also want to see consistent, clear navigation.

Your web audit will consider:

  • Navigation
  • Branding
  • Use of white space
  • Use of color
  • Page layout
  • Text size, font style

Your report will include design ideas and suggestions to improve your website, but only if it is necessary.


Get the foundations right. The quality of build is important and is often overlooked.

Your site should use clean, web-standards compliant code, ideally XHTML, so that it is compatible with all browsers and mobile phones.

Our report provides an assessment on validation errors and the impact this has on your site.



Content is king. Well written copy makes all the difference in communicating your message. Your website must convey your message with impact. As a visitor, you must feel compelled to take immediate action, and make that call.


The language and style of your content is reviewed and checked to ensure that every word earns its place.


Make your presence known. How is your website ranked? Is it optimised effectively? What can be done to increase your page rank? How many inbound links do you have?

These questions are the key to generating inbound traffic to your website. Good web presence is important for web traffic.

Are you making use of the latest technologies?

Do you monitor your web traffic?

Do you use Google Sitemaps?


Does the copy use the correct tone, style and image to reflect your company?

With countless examples of companies producing slogans or using icons that were deemed offensive, hilarious or just plain weird through lack of adequate research into local culture, you need to be sure that your company image and integrity are maintained. You may even want to consider the International Brand Research service.

It takes one week to prepare your web audit. Contact us today to place your order.