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Website Translation and Localization - Sense and Sensitivity

In the past, web users had to adapt to English-language sites because there were few alternatives in their native language. Today however, website translation and localization is essential if you want to win international clients.

Localization is the process of converting the design and content of a website to make it culturally appropriate for a foreign market.

Visitor confidence is critical, your site needs to look, sound and feel right.

What does website translation involve?

There are several aspects to localization and website translation, e.g.:

  • Multiple currency transactions
  • Local search engines and directories
  • Foreign addresses and contacts
  • International sales taxes
  • Political, religious and cultural issues and connotations
  • Customs regulations and tariffs when shipping products overseas
  • Use of imagery and colors

Where do I start?

The Strategic Approach to Localization is specially created for testing a micro-site in different languages.  This is a great way to test your international potential.

Every organization is different, but from our experience, the the key to success is to consider:

  • Which products will be sold to which markets?
  • What procedures apply for authoring and publishing content?
  • How will we handle communication from non-English customers?
  • How will the website be promoted?

Contact a member of the Web-Translations team let us assist you with these challenges.

How much does it cost?

Proposals for website translation projects are broken down into:

  • Static content translation
  • Dynamic content translation (catalogue of products / news)
  • Payment processing (if necessary)
  • e-Business localization for fulfillment (if necessary)
  • Testing and proofreading
  • International and local search engine optimization
  • In-country hosting (if necessary)

If you want to use your website for testing a market then the Web-Translations SAL offers three competitively priced packages to get you started.