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Multilingual SEO

Are you in the top three of search results? If not, you are potentially missing 80% of traffic. This means you are losing money as potential customers may not even know you exist.

You need customers to find your site before they find a competitor's!

Good search engine optimization (SEO) requires the appropriate use of keywords throughout your web pages. It also requires you to publish relevant, fresh information on a regular basis and that the code behind your web pages is clean, and 'friendly' to the search engines.

You can buy search engine optimization as part of your e-marketing solution, as it is normally complemented with link building. For additional traffic, you may also want to consider pay-per-click management and banner advertising campaigns.

The first stage in providing this service is to make sure your website is adequately optimized. Here is the SEO checklist we take the site through:

SEO Checklist

  1. Does Google's Cache contain non-translated words (Keyword Dilution)?
  2. Check for Google Grandfathering
  3. Has the site ever been blacklisted?
  4. Does the site use ICRA labels?
  5. Does the code Validate to W3C standards?
  6. Does the site use clean URLs. No capital letters, no spaces, no special characters. Separate each word with a "-" dash. Make sure each URL accurately describes the page
  7. Redirect the non-www version of your site. When you enter into the browser, it should redirect you to using a SEO friendly 301 redirection.
  8. Make sure you don't link to "index.htm" or "index.php". Instead, link to "/".
  9. Does the site use frames? Remove frames from the site or guide the spider
  10. Ensure the title is different on every page of the site.
  11. Ensure the Meta Description and keywords are different on every page of the site, or leave them empty.
  12. Ensure every page has an H1 heading. Ensure the main body content is immediately after the H1, with no breadcrumbs or navigation in between.
  13. If your main navigation is flash or image based, ask yourself if it can be done using CSS. If it can, do it.
  14. Add a sitemap, containing a link to every page on your site.
  15. Check for a Google XML sitemap and submit to Google Sitemaps program
  16. Is the website table- based? Consider a cleaner CSS based layout for your site.
  17. Does the site add regular original content? e.g. a well written blog
  18. Check Google Cache order of the page. Good source code will have the page content as close to the top of the HTML document as possible, and the least important elements (sidebars and footers) last.
  19. Are images optimized? Ensure all are named appropriately, have alt tags and placed near relevant text.

Aggressive SEO

This service takes specific keywords and promotes them to improve the ranking for a particular search term. Some search terms are more competitive and consequently more difficult to optimize. So keywords are rated from A to D according to their optimization difficulty. Band A keywords are more expensive to optimize.

Contact us today to find out how we can optimize your website in local markets.