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About Us

International Blast!

One of the great things about marketing online is that customers come to you! With a skillfully translated and well optimized website, you can easily be found in foreign search engines in order to generate traffic to your website.

A multilingual website offers an excellent way to test new markets and open the door to global business. Your website can play a key role in growing your business, but while the Internet has removed geographical barriers to trade, language and cultural barriers still remain.

Its amazing how well a small amount of effort is received. By having just one or two pages translated, you can measure interest in your product or service enabling you to decide which international markets offer the best potential for growth.

It may be the case that you don’t yet know which countries you wish to target. International Blast! is the answer. Using Google Analytics, International Blast! offers a low cost way to get key market information (such as visitors, enquiries, orders) that will help you determine the most profitable international markets for your business. You do not need multilingual staff; by guiding visitors to use your English website, you will be surprised at how your English sales increase.

International Blast! involves the translation and localization of key pages on your website (up to 500 words) into a number of languages to welcome your international customers, give them an overview of your company and also make your business appear international.


With International Blast! you get:

  • Professional Translation of up to 500 words of content (we advise the home, about us and contact pages)
  • Manual Submissions to 5 international search engines to gain web traffic
  • Web statistics tracking to measure traffic and interest using Google Analytics
  • 4 good quality inbound web links (with a Google page rank of 5 or more)
  • XHTML web standards compliance for all translated pages (compliance with the Disability and Discrimination Act)
  • A professional, friendly team that can help with anything to do with the web or languages

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