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International Business Growth

Global business can be a highly profitable and rewarding objective, but is fraught with many challenges.

Traditionally, businesses begin trading internationally by exporting as this is the least expensive and least risky way of doing business. Some companies will go on to appoint local agents or distributors. Large corporations with strong financial backing may setup offices or acquire local businesses.

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Multilingual Content Management

Motivated by the need to improve efficiency, many people consider Information Management as the deployment of new technologies such as content or document management systems, data warehousing or portal applications.

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Global e-Marketing Strategy

Every growing business seeks new leads and sales opportunities; global e-Marketing is about more than generating traffic. It's also about turning visitors into buyers.

We all know that visitor confidence is paramount when it comes to the web, so what can we do to improve the conversion of visitors to buyers?

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Business Process Outsourcing

Today, outsourcing services are no longer limited to IT and call centers. The opportunity to outsource other functions, both routine and high value, has never been more compelling. Talent pools in low cost regions are broader and deeper than ever before. The GILT industry has experienced tremendous gains in productivity and reach by engaging the scale and cost benefits of global resources.

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